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But principally, I’ve set myself a life’s mission to get to space as artist and citizen. I’ve created 3 theatre shows, 3 multimedia installations, oodles of public events, hit a zero gravity flight, witnessed live launches & landings of astronaut crews, completed over 20 EVA hrs as analogue astronaut at simulated Mars missions, studied & lectured at ISU’s Space Studies Programme, created my first RTÉ radio series ‘Curious Humans’. I’ve spoken at events including WIRED Live UK, Space Rocks (ESA), NASA Johnson Space Centre, Inspirefest, New Scientist (UK), at academic & space-related conferences, schools, career events & am a regular contributor to BBC’s Sky at Night magazine since 2016. And earlier this year, published my first book about the quest thus far, called ‘Dream Big’ from Mercier Press. All of this work is part of my #getniamhtospace quest.

With strong support from Ireland, I’m co-recipient of the ‘Outstanding contribution to STEM communications’ award from Science Foundation Ireland & am the Artist in Residence at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork. I’m especially proud to have spoken at Áras an Uachtarain, in response to President Higgins ’Women in STEM’ speech for International Women’s Day 2019 & to be this years 2019/20 Irish Girl Guides Ambassador. And as a guest on both ‘The Late Late Show’ & ‘The Tommy Tiernan Show’ RTÉ TV shows, I spoke about the story so far & the need to engage with our planet. But there’s still a long way yet to go and I need everyone’s support in order to succeed.

I’ve made projects with European Space Agency, British Council, Arts@CERN, Lottie Dolls, ESERO Ireland, The Ark Children’s Centre & more.

Have a look around my website and if you can’t find what you need, send me a message on the Contact page. If you like what I do, would like to know more, are interested in sponsoring #getniamhtospace, or would like us to work together, I’d love to hear from you.

Ad Astra

Niamh on The Tommy Tiernan Show

Niamh Shaw on The Late Late Show