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Back for the Landing

On Dec 17th, in the midst of the pre-Christmas flurry, Niamh heads off to Kazakstan for the landing of Expedition 56 as they return to Earth following their 6 month mission aboard the International Space Station. She also reflects on the launch back in June, which she also witnessed, and shares her thoughts finally about the impact that event had on her.

Baikonur ‘Road to The Stars’, Niamh’s story. Day 1

I get poked in the arm, and awake suddenly. The lady seated beside me, points to the air stewardess standing in the aisle, who I can just about make out beneath a mounting pile of blankets she is clearly collecting. ‘Oh, sorry’, I say in a half-sleep, giving away my snuggly blanket. ‘We’re about to land’, she says and smiles.