New book from Niamh Shaw

‘Dream Big’ published by Mercier Press

The book is about having the courage to dream things that seem impossible; to reach towards what appears to be ungraspable…you come away admiring Shaw as a person.. like the rest of us, she can only dream. Yet, if you accept the premise of her book, dreams might be powerful enough to alter our perception anyway.”

– Niamh Donnelly, The Sunday Times

In March of this year, the new book ‘Dream Big’ arrived on the book shelves. We had a big launch planned for March 29th in ‘Hodges Figgis’. But then the COVID pandemic hit the world and launching a book was not the priority for many of us.

There will be a launch later this year, as we all emerge safely from the national lockdown.

But in the meantime, the book is available to order online across the globe.

Thanks everyone!

About ‘Dream Big- an Irishwoman’s Space Odyssey’

Dr. Niamh Shaw is a performer, science communicator and STEAM ambassador with two degrees in engineering not to mention a PhD in science! Her mission to become Ireland’s first space explorer continues and she has achieved another landmark milestone on her epic journey.

In her new book Dream Big: An Irish Woman’s Space Odyssey, from Mercier Press, Niamh describes her life through science and personal anecdotes.

Since she was a child, Niamh wanted to go to outer space, but with no role model to look up to, she felt that was an impossible dream.  Instead she pursued a career in academia.

What do you do with impossible dream, do you let them go?  Throughout her life, Niamh always felt that something was missing. Thinking that it was her creative nature that was unfulfilled, she stepped aside from a full-time academic career to concentrate on acting.

Despite securing high-profile roles, something was still missing. While making her first theatre show, looking at her life choices and childhood ambitions, the realisation that she still wanted to fulfil her childhood dream to go to space, but had done nothing to achieve this goal proved to be a turning point for Niamh.

Now was the time to pursue her dream or she would spend the rest of her life regretting that she had given up on herself. And so, this 40-year-old woman from Ireland began a journey she is determined to finish.

The Sunday Times Book Review, May 2020