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While I am here on Earth I am an engineer, scientist, and performer. I create events about science for the general public because I’m passionate about igniting people’s curiosity and making science fun!

It’s also very important to me to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) careers and women in STEM in all my activities.

And last year, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland funded me to create my own 6 part radio series ‘Curious Humans’, a family show which explores beekeeping , space, strange animals from Australia and much more. It airs on RTE Radio 1 in 2019. And I love having the opportunity to write about space topics for BBC’s Sky at Night since 2016

Working with Niamh was an absolute delight. ‘My Place in Space’ is a high energy interactive show which kept both children and adults engaged throughout.

Niamh performed My Place in Space at the UCD Festival Day 2016. The mixed audience of kids and adults loved her interactive performance and willingly joined in the fun. Niamh always brings such enthusiasm to communicating science.

Niamh is an absolute gem. Her talents are countless and it has been a pleasure working with her on a number of her projects. Her creativity and enthusiasm for STEAM and outreach has no limits . She can captivate an audience of all ages. Niamh encourages everyone to aim for their dreams, as she does on a daily basis, through informed and entertaining ways. Working with Niamh is a delight, she brings a vast knowledge and innovative means of communication to all her projects.