NASA Artemis Wet Dress Rehearsal update

The SLS rocket/Orion assembly on Launchpad 39b NASA Kennedy Space Centre, April 2022

On Friday June 24th, NASA held a press briefing about the wet dress rehearsal which took place earlier that week. Teams of engineers and scientists involved told us that they were satisfied with the data that they had gathered and that the rocket (SLS, or Space Launch System) and the Orion capsule full assembly had passed their wet dress rehearsal. The rocket will return to the Vehicle Assembly Building for more final checks, and then they will move in to the next phase of the project- to prepare the rocket for launch to the Moon! Soon we will have a launch date, the next big step in returning humans to the Moon. Exciting times indeed and I’ll keep you posted of updates as they are released.

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The upper stage of the SLS rocket & Orion Capsule assembly, on launchpad 39b at NASA Kennedy Space Centre, April 2022